Tripett Green Beef Tripe

Tripett Green Beef Tripe

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Tripett® Green Beef Tripe & Venison is a grain-free product consisting of nearly 100% pure meat and tripe (green beef tripe, venison). Good for all breeds and all sizes. Tripett®. Feed well. Venison is high in protein, but low in calories and cholesterol. This product is great for someone looking for all the incredible benefits of green tripe with a diversified protein source.



Green Beef Tripe, Venison, Water, Guar Gum


Ingredient Amount MIN/MAX
Crude Protein 10.0% MIN
Crude Fat 5.0% MIN
Crude Fiber 0.3% MAX
Moisture 79.9% MAX
Ash 1.0% MAX
Omega-6 0.17% MIN
Omega-3 0.15% MIN
Sodium 119 mg/100 gm MIN
Phosphorus 179 mg/100 gm MIN
Calcium 224 mg/100 gm MIN