Borderland Free Range Chicken Electrolyte Booster 591ml

Borderland Free Range Chicken Electrolyte Booster 591ml

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Product Information

Bone Broth is an all natural, nutrient rich superfood! It’s absolutely loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals including Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid. It’s incredibly easy to find a way to incorporate into your pet’s routine- pour it over their food, feed it on it’s own, or freeze into cubes for a nice cold treat!

Our bone broths are slow cooked with the best ingredients to offer you the most nutrient dense and flavourful broths available for your pet. Our bones are sourced from ethical Canadian farms. Our electrolyte booster is made with the same technique as all of our other bone broths, but we add coconut water for an extra boost! Perfect for athletes or recovering from illness. 


  •  Canadian sourced
  •  Nutrient dense superfood
  •  Easily incorporates into any diet and lifestyle

Ingredients: Filtered water, free range chicken bones, coconut water, organic apple cider vinegar